Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to prevent animal cruelty and abandonmentdog3
by promoting responsible,caring and compassionate attitudes towards animals.
We ensure shelter for orphaned animals and provide programs for their adoption.
We promote responsible ownership through public education and enforcement of legislation.
We reduce unwanted pet population by advocating the neutering of companion animals.

Vision Statement
We serve our community with programs and services that improve the welfare of animals. We provide a clean and safe sanctuary for companion animals. The animals under our care become happy, healthy, well socialized and highly adoptable. Companion animals and their owners enjoy our full range of services and facilities for care, supplies, education, leisure and training


Values Statement
We are dedicated to end of animal cruelty and neglect.

We value the contribution that animals make to the enrichment of humans.

We believe all animals have the right to be treated with respect.

We lead the promotion of animal welfare with compassion, knowledge, dedication and wisdom.

We treat clients, donors, employees, volunteers and the public with openness, respect, understanding and commitment. We cultivate solid relationships with our clients, community, stakeholders, donors, colleagues and public with a dedicated, well trained staff supported by clear operating policies and procedures, a strong governance board providing strategic direction, proactive management, well organized volunteers and up to date technology.

We track trends, develop policies and measure results.