Dog Jog

The Dog Jog: A Fundraiser in the Park










This fundraiser has become a great annual reunion − but it’s not your usual high school kind. For one thing, the participants are a lot furrier. Since 1994, dogs and their owners have gathered at Rockwood Park for the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue’s annual Dog Jog.

Joan Richardson, the shelter manager, says she usually sees familiar faces at the event, including those who have adopted pets from the shelter. The shelter staff and volunteers are thrilled to see how the pets are thriving with their new families.

“We hope to meet our alumni … all our past adopters,” she says.

The get-together is an important fundraiser for the shelter – and everyone is welcome. Prior to the walk, participants collect pledges for the 2.9-kilometre walk. The walk also helps raise awareness of the shelter’s role in our community.

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If you are interested in joining us, pledge sheets can be emailed or faxed to you by contacting Jennifer at or by calling 506.642.0920 ext. 4.