I’m Sierra and I like to lounge around. I’m a gold tortie with light green eyes. I’m the kind of cat who likes to be alone until I get used to you. I really LOVE treats! I’m not really kid-friendly but I would do well with just you and me. If you get to close to me I might feel uncomfortable and my claws might appear. I like to have my own little spot in the house for just me. But other than that I do well with other cats sometimes, just as long as I’m the boss of the house!  –  Sierra This blurb was written by 2 Grade 6 students KateSierra is Gold/Brown tabby, age unknown. She is very shy and will take a bit to warm up to you. I wouldn’t recommend her for a home with children and would likely be best with an older couple or person with no other cats.

McLeod and Kate Richards