Interested in Fostering?


Interested in Fostering?

Our Foster Care Program is for animals with special needs. We match the animal to a foster parent and work to ensure the volunteer is comfortable with the animal, its needs, the expected timeline for fostering and the outcome plan.

The most common need for Foster Care:

  • Mother cat with nursing kittens
  • Orphaned kittens (less than 8 weeks old who will need day and night feedings)
  • Sick cat/kittens to help
  • Cats needing socialization

Length of Time

Some animals need fostering for only two to four weeks while others may need to be fostered much longer.

Expectations of a Foster Parent

Time to provide close monitoring for the foster animal (s).

Provide a loving, safe and stable environment.

Have a spare room to isolate from other owned pets.

Administer medical (if required).

Have their own vehicle to bring the animals to and from the shelter and to a veterinarian.

Owns pets must be spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, licensed (if applicable) and if own cats, must be indoor cats.

How does the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue support foster parents?

The Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue provides:

  • Food and supplies
  • Transport carriers and pens for training purposes
  • Medication and all veterinary care

How do I become a foster parent?

If you would like to be considered for the Foster Program, please email and an application will be emailed to you.

If interested in becoming a foster care volunteer, please fill out a Pet Foster Application. We will match the foster parent with the animal’s needs. Please be aware that sometimes it takes us several months to contact you regarding your application and not all applications are approved.