Lucky Lauren

This is the story of my cat Harlow. I adopted her from the Saint John SPCA in August of 2011. I had every intention that day to adopt a small, fluffy kitten and found a small male cat that I thought would be the one. I was wrong.

My mum and I decided to go look at the female cat room while the front desk was busy with another adoption. A five month old black and white cat named Jill confidently strutted up to me and meowed at me like ‘you are mine’. It was instant love. I left the room thinking I was getting the male kitten but my mum said how ‘Jill’ was meant to be my cat. She was right.

I changed my mind and her name and brought Harlow home. She grew up with my childhood cat who was a real bully and made Harlow timid and skittish but when it is just her and I, her purrs are overwhelming. I delay many things to let her nap on my chest and go out of my way to get snuggles.

She is so good at sensing when I am sad and need a boost. She responds with chirps and meows to her name and I am convinced she is a genius. She loves batting at fireflies in the summer but is really prissy about the snow as its just a touch too cold for her likes.

She was the best money I ever spent and I am rewarded by her all the time. We have a connection that will last until we are both older and grey.

Thank you for all your time and dedication you at the SPCA do for all the animals. She was so lucky to have you as a home before she found me (she definitely chose me!)

Lauren and Harlow