‘My life is just that much richer’




‘My life is just that much richer’

Tina Standing couldn’t help but notice Luka one day when she visited the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue.

“My husband and I were dropping off some food at the shelter and I just happened to see a dog trying to push his way through the bars so much that his hair was poking out the other side. Everything screamed ‘Look at me!’ but he made no sound. I just felt it.”

Standing found out he was a stray that had been at the shelter for a month.

“We took him out to say hello and I could feel how badly he wanted to be loved and patted and told he was a good boy. Others had been put off as he had a lot of fears and would pee on them submissively.”

However, Standing wasn’t ready to commit just yet.

“As hard as it was, we had just lost a dog and we were still raw over it… so we left. I thought about this dog over the next couple days and decided to go back and take him for a walk.  I clipped on the leash and he didn’t want to walk. He just kept sitting and looking up at me. I put him back in his pen and started to drive away when I decided I had to go back and at least foster this dog.”

Well, long story short, foster care turned into foster failure and Luka stayed with them.

Standing has enjoyed getting to know him over the years.

“Luka is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever owned,” Standing says. “He is amazing at any sport we enter, unlike me who is very clumsy sports-wise.  He is usually the class clown at anything we participate in. Luka doesn’t like all other dogs and it’s taught me that dogs sometimes have boundaries and that is okay.  I don’t like all people and some I just don’t want to be around.  My dog is the same, I respect that.”

Standing appreciates what Luka has done for her.

“I love what Luka has brought to my life. The people I would not have met if I didn’t have Luka is a very long list.  I feel very fortunate and my life is just that much richer for him being a part of it.”