Sunny Brings Family Warmth



Sunny Brings Family Warmth

When it came to choosing a kitten, 12-year-old Rachel Pinhey had no doubt when she spotted Sunny.

“When I first saw her, she walked towards me and sat down near me,” she recalls. “She also has a really cute tail, with just the very tip white, and she looked really active.”

The two quickly became inseparable.

Sunny was part of a litter that had been fostered by a Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue volunteer. Rachel’s father, Craig Pinhey, says his daughter had been asking for a cat for some time after their two older cats had passed away so when they heard about the litter, they soon went to visit.

“Rachel loves cats so eventually we relented,” he says. “My wife and Rachel went to see the kittens and then went back to visit a few times. Rachel would go over and play with the cat even before we had her in our house.”

As soon as the kittens were old enough to leave their mother, the Pinheys adopted the energetic, multi-coloured kitty.

Sunny loved lying in the sun so the family quickly settled on a name for the happy-go-lucky little ball of fur.

“We also have a tradition in our family that cat names have to end in ‘y’ for some reason,” he says, with a laugh. “It’s kind of funny. I suggested to Rachel that her name should end in ‘y’ and someone mentioned the name Sunny when she was lying in the sun and Rachel liked it.”

Pinhey describes Sunny as the friendliest cat the family has ever had. “She’s super friendly to strangers,” he says. While she’s independent like many cats, Sunny loves to sleep close to a member of the family. “She’ll sleep on my wife’s lap when she’s trying to work,” says Pinhey.

Pinhey says Sunny has been a wonderful addition to the family. He says he’ll even seek her out just to be close to her – because, as he says, cats have a natural ability to relax you and make you happy.