Your Many Donation Options


Your Many Donation Options

The Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue depends almost entirely on the generosity of people like you. Your compassion enables us to provide urgently needed care for the animals that are abandoned, injured or neglected each year in Saint John.

The costs add up as we give these animals the care they deserve. A dog’s food, housing, veterinary care, spaying/neutering, vaccines and preventive care costs $1,200 during his or her average stay of 33 days; and it costs $900 to keep a cat for his or her average stay of 35 days.

Here are some great ways to support the animals:

    • A one-time donation.  

    • PAWS Sponsorship Program. If you would like to help us on an ongoing basis, please consider a monthly donation with our PAWS Sponsorship Program. You can set up a payment from your credit card or your bank account on the 1st or 15th of every month. If you’re interested, please fill out our banking form to donate from your bank account, or our PayPal form to make a monthly donation by credit card.
    • Wish list donations. Please have a look at Our Wish List, which shows the supplies we are currently looking for. We also accept Canadian Tire money or Canadian Tire points. (You can give a Canadian Tire cashier our phone number, 506.642.0920 , to find our Canadian Tire account.) You can transfer Shoppers Optimum points to us as well.
    • A gift for a special day. Drop by our office during office hours to make a donation as a gift to someone. We offer birthday, Christmas and wedding cards. We also have wedding donation cards to replace wedding favours on your tables.
    • Donate your birthday! Whether you’re turning 10 or 110, ask for the greatest present of all: care for animals in need. Using social media you can collect donations instead of presents!
    • A memorial donation. Make a donation in honour of a loved one. You can call us to ask us to send a card to the family to let them know a donation has been made in memoriam.
    • Emergency Medical Fund. Some of our animals arrive in need of veterinary care and the cost of these surgeries and procedures can be staggering. We appreciate donations to this fund – either through a one-time donation or through a monthly PAWS Sponsorship donation.
    • Planned giving. Planned gifts can include bequests in a will, life insurance policies, Endowments, Memorial Gifts, Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts and Gifts in Kind (real estate, securities or other capital property). We can work with you, your family and financial advisors to design a donation that meets your philanthropic goals and maximizes your tax benefits.
    • Coins in our cans. We have donation cans throughout the Saint John area. Check this Donation Can List to see where they are.