Other Ways To Give

Give A Gift

Perfect for holidays, weddings and birthdays!!!! Choose from a variety of gift options for your friends and family.

Sponsor an Animal

We understand that not everyone can adopt all the animals we have available here at the shelter. That’s why sponsoring that special animal, whose story touched your life is a popular alternative to adoption. The bond formed through sponsorship is one that keeps you connected to the progress of your special friend and gives you the rare opportunity to witness their growth over time.


By making a donation in memory of a loved one, friend or pet, your donation will ensure that their memory lives on to help others while giving hope to animals needing a second chance.

Medical Fund

This fund has recently been set up so that we are able to help our animals with emergency medical challenges when they arise. Some of our animals arrive in desperate need of veterinary care and the cost of these surgeries and procedures are sometimes staggering. With your help, we can ensure that our Medical Fund is always available when there is a need for medical care.

Donate Air Miles

If you wish to donate your Air Miles, please inform the cashier of our Card/ ID # and they will be happy to add those to our points. We use the Air Miles to purchase gift certificates to be used for specialty items needed for the shelter (i.e. toys, leashes, office supplies, etc.)

Air Miles Card # 8401 102 7166

We also accept Canadian Tire Money. 

If you would like to make a donation to the SPCA Animal Rescue, by means other than listed on this page, please contact us.