Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers


Brian Bowles

(Saint John SPCA AR Volunteer for 12 years)

My wife and I love dogs, but now that we’re older we don’t feel we can care for one in our family, so I do what I can for the shelter dogs. I go to the Saint John shelter every day to walk the dogs. Through the winter I only miss a day if it is not fit for the dogs to go out. The dogs love to be walked and we both get some great exercise.






Gaye Hawker

(Saint John SPCA AR Volunteer for 6 years)

I started to volunteer because I enjoyed being around the animals. Over the years I have grown to think of the staff and volunteers as friends and it gives me tremendous pleasure to see one of the residents going to their forever home. I always go home feeling great after helping out at the shelter. Our family grew by two members (cat Charlie and dog Teddy) during this time. Great staff and incredible volunteers. I’m honoured to be among them.