Adoption Process

How does the adoption process work?

Applications must be approved (applying does not guarantee approval). Approval is based on the
best interest of the animal (s). The SPCA Animal Rescue reserves the right to refuse any application
we think is not in the animal’s best interest.

What do we expect from people who wish to adopt?

  • Please ensure you are willing to commit to the animal for his/her natural life. Please think about the long-term responsibilities of owning a pet.
  • You must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid identification with a current address.
  • Animals cannot be adopted as a gift, for breeding purposes or for the purpose of protection.
  • All animals in your home must be spayed or neutered (if age appropriate).
  • All other dogs or cats (if applicable) in your household must be licensed.

How long does it take to adopt?

  • Cat/kitten – If approved, you will be contacted.
    • A Meet and Greet will be scheduled.
    • If the cat/kitten is ready, he/she can go home the same day.
  • Dog/puppy – this can vary because it is a longer process.
    • If approved, you will be contacted and a Meet and Greet will be scheduled.
    • Supervised visits will then be scheduled (the number of visits will depend on the dog).
    • The first visit is for the adult applicant (s), i.e., primary caregiver.
    • The other visits are for children, the family dog, or other dogs the adopted dog will interact with.
    • A pre-adoption home visit may be required.

What does the adoption fee include?

It includes a veterinary wellness exam (for clinics in our Partner Program), vaccines, spay/neuter, de-
worming, flea treatment, microchipping, and a Royal Canin Adoption Kit.

What happens when you take your pet home?

All animals adopted from the SPCA Animal Rescue must be transported home in a safe manner.

  • Dogs must have a proper fitting collar and be on a leash. A seatbelt is also recommended.
  • Cats must be transported in a carrier.

It will take time for your new companion to adjust to a new home. The adjustment period can be a few weeks for a cat or several months to a year for a dog. It is very important you give the time to adjust to your environment and to go through the training process.

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