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Do you take in stray cats?

Yes, we do.

However, we do not pick up healthy stray cats. We only pick up cats that are diseased or injured requiring immediate veterinary care. If you find a healthy stray cat, please call the shelter at 642-0920 ext. 1

Can you spay/neuter my pet?

No, we do not spay or neuter pets. Please contact a local veterinarian clinic.

Can I bring in my pet to be euthanized?

No, we do not euthanize.

What number do I call to see if my dog is at the shelter?

Call the Saint John Animal Control number is 633-1228 ext. 0

What number do I call if I find a stray dog?

Call the Saint John Animal Control number is 633-1228 ext. 0

How much is it to adopt?

Details are available on our Adoption Process page.

The adoption fee for an adult dog is $250; for puppies or small dogs, it is $300. The adoption fee for adult cats and kittens is $180.

What is the adoption process?

Please visit our Adoption Process page for information on how to adopt.

What hours are you open to the public?

Wednesday to Saturday, 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm.

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