The right supplies make all the difference.

Donated pet supplies are a great way to support the SPCA Animal Rescue. We are happy to accept donations of these items during our office hours.

To find out what supplies you can help with, scroll down or download a copy of our wish list!


New or gently used items:

(in clean & usable condition)

Animal beds
Towels & blankets
Flat sheets
Duvets/comforters (non-feather only)
Animal Toys
Enrichment puzzles, lick mats
Cat posts & trees
Food dishes (metal or ceramic only)
X-pens & crates
Dry cat food (must be in original packaging)
Hard-sided cat kennels
Harnesses (two points of contact preferred)
Double-ended leashes

New only items:

Ziploc sandwich bags
Peanut Butter
Cheez Whiz
9v batteries
AA batteries
Puppy pads
Compostable poop bags
Large rectangular litter boxes
Litter scoops
Dog, cat and rabbit food

Items not accepted:

Soft-sided cat kennels
Opened bags of cat/dog food not in original packaging
Opened bags of exotic animal food
Frozen Raw Food
Used litter boxes
Heavily used items
Pillows, outdoor furniture cushions, or mattress pad covers
Fitted sheets
Sleeping bags
Blankets that are loosely knitted or crocheted, contain buttons, zippers or fringe
Feather comforters/duvets

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