Play bingo, help animals.

SPCA Animal Rescue Radio Bingo is a weekly Bingo program played every Wednesday, 8 pm – 9 pm, on CHSJ Country 94.

Players can buy cards at area retailers, tune their radio to 94.1 FM and play Bingo while supporting a great local Saint John charity!


How it Works

The number to call for a potential Bingo is: 506.657.9494

SPCA Animal Rescue Bingo Cards cost $5 each and can be purchased at the locations on the map below.

Card sales stop once the game starts.

We play six games every week, ranging from single line games to our full card jackpot game. There are hundreds of dollars in prizes for regular games, plus a Jackpot prize at $3,500 in 50 numbers or less. Consolation prize is $500!



Anyone 18 years and older may play Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue Radio Bingo, with the exception of employees and board members of the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue.

The colour and series number of your card must match the colour and series number being played.

Numbers will be called every 15 seconds.

Path 112


Winners must call the station during the 15 seconds allowed in order to prevent the next number from being called. Otherwise prizes will be divided amongst the winners from the next number called.

Winners must have the following information ready when calling in a Bingo:

Free space number on winning card.

Name and contact information of winner.

Winners have five minutes to call the station and will have to share the prize with other winners if you call after the first 15 seconds.

If there is more than one winner the prize will be divided in equal shares amongst the winners. There will be a minimum prize of $25 per winner.

To claim their prize, winners must present their cards in person at the SPCA Animal Rescue, 295 Bayside Dr., during office hours, Wednesday to Saturday, 12 pm – 4:30 pm. Cards must be in unaltered, original condition. Winners are paid via cheque. Cheques cannot be exchanged for cash.

Prizes must be collected within two weeks of the event. Prizes not claimed in this period are considered forfeited. If you collect your prize within one week of winning you get a free Bingo book to play the following week.

Group 169

Other Details

A Bingo broadcast will be delayed for the following reasons only:

Power outage or other technical difficulty at the TV station.

Power outage in majority of listening area.

Holiday (notification will be aired one week in advance).

Failure of Bingo equipment.

Major community emergency.

Extreme weather/road conditions making it unsafe for the Bingo Caller to travel on the road.

The Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue is not responsible for failure of personal equipment (i.e. television, telephone, satellite, Internet, etc.) or acts of nature (i.e. signal difficulties in certain areas due to the weather).

Good luck & have fun!

Upcoming dates are available on our events calendar:

Where to buy bingo cards:

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