Trixie and Tori

Trixie and Tori are a beautiful bonded pair of sibling kittens. They came to the shelter last August as really shy semi-feral kittens.

They are still shy. Trixie is more confident than Tori. Trixie loves head scratches/rubs. She doesn’t mind being picked up and cuddled from time to time. Sudden movements still scare her but she recovers quickly. She still hisses a bit but usually it’s because of sudden movements.

Tori doesn’t like being cuddled or petted. She is much more shy than her sister and will still hiss. Tori will need more time than Trixie to adjust but is still willing to explore new spaces and toys.

They both like using the scratching posts and toys that jingle or balls.  They need a quiet adult home to allow them time to become confident kitties.